For each class period ("Date"), the module to prepare for is shown under "Preparation." Any items that should be turned in on that date are under "Items Due." All of these dates will be announced in class.
Note that some of the more distant dates are subject to change.
DatePreparationItems Due
W 4-Sep Syllabus
Why Stats is Important?
F 6-Sep Foundational Definitions --
M 9-Sep Data Production --
W 11-Sep Getting Data Into R --
F 13-Sep Univariate EDA - Categorical --
M 16-Sep Summaries for One Quant ... --
W 18-Sep Univariate EDA - Quant ... --
F 20-Sep First Quiz (Study Guide)
M 23-Sep Normal Distributions --
W 25-Sep Normal Distributions --
F 27-Sep Bivariate EDA - Categorical Quiz 1 Reflection (Optional)
M 30-Sep Bivariate EDA - Quantitative --
W 2-Oct Linear Regression --
F 4-Oct Linear Regression --
M 7-Oct TBD --
W 9-Oct Second Quiz (Study Guide)
F 11-Oct Sampling Distributions --
M 14-Oct Sampling Distributions --
W 16-Oct Probability --
F 18-Oct Filtering Data In R Quiz 2 Reflection (Optional)
M 21-Oct NO CLASS (Reading Day)
W 23-Oct Hypothesis Testing --
F 25-Oct Hypothesis Testing Errors --
M 28-Oct Confidence Regions --
W 30-Oct Confidence Regions --
F 1-Nov 1-Sample Z-Test --
M 4-Nov 1-Sample Z-Test --
W 6-Nov TBD --
F 8-Nov Third Quiz (Study Guide)
M 11-Nov 1-Sample t-Test --
W 13-Nov 2-Sample t-Test --
F 15-Nov 2-Sample t-Test Quiz 3 Reflection (Optional)
M 18-Nov NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
W 20-Nov NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
F 22-Nov NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
M 25-Nov Chi-Square Test --
W 27-Nov Chi-Square Test --
F 29-Nov Goodness-of-Fit Test --
M 2-Dec Fourth Quiz (Study Guide)
W 4-Dec Course Review --
F 6-Dec Course Review --
M 9-Dec Course Review Quiz 4 Reflection (Optional)
XC Reports (optional)
W 11-Dec Course Review --
F 13-Dec Final Quiz