For each class period ("Date"), the module to prepare for is shown under "Topic." Some of the more distant dates are subject to change.
M 20-Jan NO CLASS (MLK Jr Day)
W 22-Jan Summaries for One Quant ...
F 24-Jan Univariate EDA - Quant ...
M 27-Jan First Quiz (Study Guide)
W 29-Jan Normal Distributions
F 31-Jan Normal Distributions
M 3-Feb Bivariate EDA - Categorical
DUE: Quiz 1 Reflection (Optional)
W 5-Feb NO CLASS (Prof. Ogle gone)
F 7-Feb Bivariate EDA - Quantitative
M 10-Feb Linear Regression
W 12-Feb Linear Regression
F 14-Feb Second Quiz (Study Guide)
M 17-Feb Sampling Distributions
W 19-Feb Probability
F 21-Feb Hypothesis Testing
DUE: Quiz 2 Reflection (Optional)
M 24-Feb Hypothesis Testing Errors
W 26-Feb Confidence Regions
F 28-Feb Confidence Regions
M 2-Mar NO CLASS (Midterm Break)
W 4-Mar NO CLASS (Midterm Break)
F 6-Mar NO CLASS (Midterm Break)
M 9-Mar 1-Sample Z-Test
W 11-Mar 1-Sample Z-Test
F 13-Mar Third Quiz (Study Guide)
M 16-Mar 1-Sample t-Test
W 18-Mar 1-Sample t-Test
F 20-Mar 2-Sample t-Test
DUE: Quiz 3 Reflection (Optional)
M 23-Mar 2-Sample t-Test
W 25-Mar Chi-Square Test
F 27-Mar Chi-Square Test
M 30-Mar Goodness-of-Fit Test
W 1-Apr Filtering Data In R
F 3-Apr Fourth Quiz (Study Guide)
M 6-Apr Course Review
W 8-Apr Course Review
F 10-Apr NO CLASS (Good Friday)
DUE: Quiz 4 Reflection (Optional)
M 13-Apr Course Review