The module to prepare for each class period is shown under "Material." Dates will be updated as the semester progresses. Due dates will be announced in class.
M 24-Feb SLR § 4.3 & 4.4
T 25-Feb Third Quiz (Study Guide)
W 26-Feb
F 28-Feb
M 2-Mar NO CLASS (Mid-Session)
M 3-Mar NO CLASS (Mid-Session)
M 4-Mar NO CLASS (Mid-Session)
M 6-Mar NO CLASS (Mid-Session)
M 9-Mar
T 10-Mar
W 11-Mar
F 13-Mar
Portfolio Proposal Due
M 16-Mar
T 17-Mar Fourth Quiz (Study Guide)
W 18-Mar
F 20-Mar
M 23-Mar
T 24-Mar
W 25-Mar
F 27-Mar
M 30-Mar
T 31-Mar Fifth Quiz (Study Guide)
W 1-Apr
F 3-Apr
M 6-Apr
T 7-Apr
W 8-Apr
F 10-Apr NO CLASS (Good Friday)
M 13-Apr
T 14-Apr Sixth Quiz (Study Guide)
W 15-Apr Portfolio Final Report (due at noon)