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RFishBC CRAN Release

I am pleased to announce that the RFishBC package has been released to CRAN. This package is intended to help fisheries scientists gather age and measurement data from digital images... [Read More]

Seeking Paired Fish Age Estimates

Josh Lyons, a Senior at Northland College, and I are reviewing metrics used to measure precision of (or variability among) estimated ages of fish from multiple readings of calcified structures... [Read More]

New FSA Authors

It was always my hope that the Fisheries Stock Assessment (FSA) R package would become a community endeavor. With the recent release on CRAN of v0.8.21 that hope has finally... [Read More]

Testers for RFishBC

Back-calculating lengths of fish at previous ages from measurements made on calcified structures (scales, otoliths, etc.) is fairly common practice within some fisheries agencies and institutions. The FishBC software distributed... [Read More]

Adding Zero Catches

Introduction Much of my work is with undergraduates who are first learning to analyze fisheries data. A common “learning opportunity” occurs when students are asked to compute the mean catch... [Read More]