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Computing SE for PSD indices

A user of my Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R book recently asked me how to compute standard errors (SE) for the various PSD indices by using the usual equation for... [Read More]

Exploring the Half-Life Property of K

A colleague recently questioned whether the loge(2)/K, where K is the Brody growth coefficient in the typical parameterization of the von Bertalanffy growth function, represents the “amount of time it... [Read More]

FSA v0.8.7 Released

A new minor version (0.8.7) of the FSA (Fisheries Stock Assessment) package was recently released and is now on CRAN. A full description of changes is here. Three major changes... [Read More]

Histograms by Just Defining Bin Width

The Problem – Binning for Length Frequency Histograms Fisheries scientists often make histograms of fish lengths. For example, the code below uses hist() (actually hist.formula()) from the FSA package to... [Read More]