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Adding Zero Catches

Introduction Much of my work is with undergraduates who are first learning to analyze fisheries data. A common “learning opportunity” occurs when students are asked to compute the mean catch... [Read More]

Collapsing Categories or Values

Introduction I have received a few queries recently that can be categorized as “How do I collapse a list of categories or values into a shorter list of category or... [Read More]

Stock-Recruitment Graphing Questions

A fishR user recently asked me In the book that you published, I frequently use the stock-recruit curve code. The interface that shows both the Ricker/Beverton-Holt figure with the recruit... [Read More]

Mean Weights at Ages From Lengths

Introduction Recently I was tasked with estimating mean weights at age for data that contained no weights, but did contain lengths and ages (ages were from applying an age-length key).... [Read More]