Robber’s Roost Loop

Carney Springs to Cave Trail

On February 25, 2023 I hiked to Robber’s Roost via the Carney Springs Trail (starting at the Lost Goldmine East TH) and returning via the Cave Trail. The climb up the Carney Springs Canyon got my heart pumping (~1300 feet elevation gain in a little over a mile). Finding the path into Robber’s Roost was difficult, but as I got closer I could hear voices and when I met the hikers outside of the Roost they offered to show me the “secret” passage into it (Thanks, Juan). It was amazing to stand in the Roost and the views out the fractures in the wall were beautiful. I returned through Fremont Saddle (a little less than a mile from the Roost) and down the Cave Trail, which had some navigational challenges as it did last year (I did not miss Geronimo’s Cave this year, though!). This was a challenging (the climb and some route-finding), but beautiful (views from on top, the Roost) hike that I will do again (with Kim).

Walk-Specific Map

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Elevation Profile


GPX Download

A sanitized GPX file of our hike is here.

Summary Information

NUM trackID Primary Description Distance CumDist DeltaElev
1 RBRR01 Robber's Roost Hike (Lost Goldmine Tr East) Lost Goldmine East TH to Dacite Cliff Mine Tr 0.79 0.79 16
2 RBRR02 Robber's Roost Hike (Lost Goldmine Tr East) Dacite Cliff Mine Tr to leave Lost Goldmine Tr 0.34 1.13 13
3 RBRR03 Robber's Roost Hike (Carney Springs Tr) start Carney Springs Tr to Wave Cave Tr 0.17 1.30 50
4 RBRR04 Robber's Roost Hike (Carney Springs Tr) Wave Cave Tr to False summit 0.76 2.06 849
5 RBRR05 Robber's Roost Hike (Carney Springs / Superstition Ridgeline Tr) False summit to leave Carney Springs / Superstition Ridgeline Tr 0.31 2.37 433
6 RBRR06 Robber's Roost Hike (Robber's Roost Tr) start Robber's Roost Tr to spur to Robber's Roost 0.82 3.19 219
7 RBRR07 Robber's Roost Hike (Robber's Roost Tr) spur to Robber's Roost to arrive Robber's Roost 0.09 3.28 -40
8 RBRR08 Robber's Roost Hike (Robber's Roost Tr) spur to Robber's Roost to arrive Fremont Saddle / leave Robber's Roost Tr 0.76 4.10 -124
9 RBRR09 Robber's Roost Hike (Cave Tr) start Cave Tr to Geronimo Cave 0.83 4.93 -73
10 RBRR10 Robber's Roost Hike (Cave Tr) Geronimo Cave to leave Cave Tr 1.07 5.99 -717
11 RBRR11 Robber's Roost Hike (Bluff Spring Tr (235)) start Bluff Spring Tr (235) to leave Bluff Spring Tr 0.69 6.68 -515
12 RBRR12 Robber's Roost Hike (Dutchman's Tr (104)) start Dutchman's Tr (104) to arrive Peralta TH / leave Dutchman's Tr 0.05 6.73 -14
13 RBRR13 Robber's Roost Hike (Peralta Rd) start Peralta Rd to arrive Lost Goldmine East TH 0.60 7.33 -123