Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R by Derek H. Ogle provides detailed instructions on how to perform basic fisheries stock assessment analyses in the R environment. The analyses covered are typical analyses for many working fisheries scientists and, thus, also occur in most upper-level undergraduate and graduate level fisheries science, analysis, or management courses. The book begins with three foundational chapters that help the reader become familiar with R within the context of basic fisheries analyses and examples. The remaining chapters build upon these foundational skills with analytical techniques specific to fisheries stock assessments. Available from Routledge.

The book is dedicated to my three professional mentors.


Table of Contents (with Resources)

  1. (Very Brief) Introduction to R Basics
    • The bare fundamentals of R that are required for the remainder of the book.
    • R Script
  2. Loading Data and Basic Manipulations
  3. Plotting Fundamentals
  4. Age Comparisons
    • Compare two or more estimates of age for the same fish with precision and bias metrics and plots.
    • R Script and Data: ShadCR.csv
    • Exercises
  5. Age-Length Keys
  6. Size Structure
  7. Weight-Length Relationships
  8. Condition
  9. Abundance from Capture-Recapture Data
  10. Abundance from Depletion Data
    • Estimate abundance from removal or depletion samplings (Leslie, DeLury, k-pass).
    • R Script
    • Exercises
  11. Mortality Rates
  12. Individual Growth
  13. Recruitment



An errata and post-production notes are maintained here.