Weaver’s Needle

Peralta & Cave Trail Loop

On March 8, 2022 Kim and I hiked out to see Weaver’s Needle from Fremont Saddle. The Peralta Trail (102) portion is a steep climb to Fremont Saddle for a great view of Weaver’s Needle. We took a short walk out to a Pinion tree for a closer view of the Needle. The Cave Trail portion was a challenge to find and included some scrambling. A fun trail all around. Details are below.

Overview Map

The extent of this walk is highlighted by the blue box in this map.

Map Key

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Walk-Specific Map

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Elevation Profile


GPX Download

A sanitized GPX file of our hike is here.

Summary Information

NUM trackID Primary Description Type Owner Distance CumDist DeltaElev
1 PFMT01 Peralto Tr (102) to Fremont Saddle leave Peralta TH parking to arrive Fremont Saddle NA Public 2.28 2.28 1353
2 CVFS01 Cave Trail Hike (across Fremont Saddle) leave Peralta Tr (102) to leave Fremont Saddle NA Public 0.18 2.45 44
3 PNNT01 Fremont Saddle to Weaver's Needle Pinion Tree leave Fremont Saddle to arrive Pinion Tree NA Public 0.36 2.81 2
4 PNNT01 Fremont Saddle to Weaver's Needle Pinion Tree arrive Pinion Tree to leave Fremont Saddle NA Public 0.36 3.17 -2
5 CVFS02 Cave Trail Hike (Cave TR) leave Fremont Saddle to merge Bluff Spring Tr (235) NA Public 1.83 5.00 -885
6 CVFS03 Cave Trail Hike (Bluff Spring Tr) merge Bluff Spring Tr (235) to merge Dutchman's Tr (104) NA Public 0.70 5.70 -501
7 CVFS04 Cave Trail Hike (Dutchman's Tr) merge Dutchman's Tr (104) to arrive Peralta TH NA Public 0.05 5.76 -11