Boone Fork Trail

Price Park Picnic Area, NC

Kim and I were in North Carolina for my nephew Dillon’s wedding to Emma. A couple of days after the wedding Emma lead my sister Pam, Kim, and I on the beautiful Boone Fork Trail near Blowing Rock, NC. The trail was moderately challenging with a bit of elevation change (including a ladder), several crossings of Bee Tree Creek (including some rope lines), and a nice stretch along the Boone Fork river. The trail was primarily wooded (so lots of welcome shade) with several waterfall views. I think that this is the first time I have hiked with my sister since we were kids and the second time with Emma (last time was in Wisconsin). Overall it was a great hike and a fun time!

Walk-Specific Map

Elevation Profile


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A sanitized GPX file of our hike is here.

Summary Information

NUM trackID Primary Description Distance CumDist DeltaElev
1 BOONEFORK Boone Fork Trail Parking Lot to Parking Lot 5.28 5.28 2