Barnes Barrens Loop 1

On 1-Feb-2024 Cash and I walked a loop of forest “trails” in the Barnes Barrens. Our walk began at Halfway Rd to head north on a counter-clockwise loop that crossed Moore Rd, Halfway Rd again, Moore Rd again, before ending back at Halfway Rd. Generally the “inside” of the loop appears to be being managed for a barrens habitat (logged, slash removed, and burnt) whereas the “outside” of the loop varied in habit from a typical barrens look to a mix of scrubby oak and pine to some rather larger (planted) pines. This was not an overly beautiful hike but I like the open view of the barrens landscape. We did not see Sharptail Grouse this day, but we have seen them when driving the section of Halfway Rd that bisects this hike. This hike was pretty easy walking (it could be driven with a 4WD truck). Details are below.

Overview Map

The extent of this walk is highlighted by the blue box in this map.