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The RFishBC package helps fisheries scientists collect measurements from calcified structures and back-calculate estimated lengths at previous ages. RFishBC is intended to replace much of the functionality provided by the now out-date fishBC software.


General desriptions for using RFishBC are under the Vignettes tab at the top of the page. I suggest at least quickly reading each vignette to get an overall feel for RFishBC and then following the workflow suggestions in the last vignette. Detailed descriptions for each function are under the Reference tab at the top of the page.


RFishBC is now available on CRAN and can be installed as usual from there. The most recent development version (on GitHub) of RFishBC may be installed by running the two lines below in your R console.

if (!require('remotes')) install.packages('remotes'); require('remotes')

You may need to have R Tools installed on your system to use the two lines above. See the instructions for (R Tools for Windows or R Tools for Mac OS X). Additionally, you may need the X11 graphics functionality if using Mac OS.