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Kansas City (AFS) 2016

Materials for the "Age and Growth Analyses with R" CE course at AFS meeting in Kansas City

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Course Description

This one-day course is for fisheries professionals and students interested in expanding their R skills to include analysis of age and growth data. Through a sequence of demonstrations and hands-on application exercises, participants will use R to construct and apply an age-length key to estimate ages of individual fish from their lengths, summarize mean length-at-age with a von Bertalanffy growth function (VBGF), statistically compare VBGF parameters between two or more groups of fish, and construct appropriate metrics and graphics for comparing precision (APE, ACV) and bias (age agreement table, tests of symmetry, and age-bias plots) between two sets of estimated ages. Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of R, including basic applications.

Pre-Course Preparation

Course Materials

  1. Age-Length Key -- Construction

  2. Age-Length Key -- Application

  3. Growth -- Fit von Bertalanffy Growth Function

  4. Growth -- Compare von Bertalanffy Growth Functions

  5. Age Comparisons -- Precision and Bias

Post-Course Follow-Up