Use the preparation materials to prepare hand-written answers for the following questions. Please ask any questions on the "Questions -- Preparation Guide" on the course Team (see link on the homepage.)
  1. Make sure you create a folder on your computer where you will save all of your R work. What is the name of your folder?
  2. Make sure you save and modify the assignment template as directed in Section 22.1 of the reading. What does your line 3 look like?
  3. How do you create section headings in the assignment notebook?
  4. R code must appear in a code chunk. How is a code chunk defined in the assignment notebook?
  5. What “codes” are used to create the following symbols in your assignment notebook – α, μ, and σ1.
  6. Describe the steps needed to compile your assignment notebook into a PDF to turn in on GradeScope.
  7. What questions do you have from this reading that you would like me to address? [Please be as specific as possible. Don’t just say “everything” or “I don’t understand anything.” Of course, you can ask questions about the reading before class on MS Teams (see link above).]