A few days ago you should have received a welcome e-mail from me via Gradescope.com that will describe how you can activate a Gradescope account and access the pages where you will upload your completed preparation checks and module assignments. You should make sure to follow the directions contained in that e-mail. If you do not still have that e-mail you can also access Gradescope from the quick link on the class homepage (you will need to email me for the access code (as described here)). Let me know if you have any questions.

Assignments must be converted to a PDF for uploading to Gradescope. While it is possible to submit images to GradeScope this will generally be problematic as we get into more involved modules. Thus, please figure out how to generate PDFs for your documents (see below).

All of the preparation guides will be hand-written, so you should look at the first two pages of this document that explains how to use your device to create a PDF from your hand-written papers. You can also create a PDF using the college’s printers/copiers or insert images into MSWord and then save as a PDF. Whatever method you use, please take a few moments to open your document to make sure it is clear (i.e., not blurry), as large and as dark as possible, and complete.

You should read the last page of this document for how to upload the PDF to Gradescope. When submitting your document you will identify on which pages you answered each question … please do this carefully and completely (if your answer spans two pages, then make sure to select both pages).

Gradescope provides a list of FAQs for students here.