One of the most common things in statistics is to describe the linear relationship between two variables by fitting a best-fit line to the scatterplot of those variables. The method for finding the best-fit line is called simple linear regression and is the topic of this module.

After completing this module, you should be able to ...

  1. Describe the purposes of regression.
  2. Describe the criteria used to determine the best-fit line to a set of bivariate data.
  3. Describe the assumptions surrounding the best-fit criteria.
  4. Identify the response and explanatory variables.
  5. Describe the equation of a line and what the slope and intercept "mean."
  6. Make appropriate predictions using the best-fit line.
  7. Describe the meaning of the coefficient of determination.

Preparation for Class

Use the resources below to answer these questions. [Problems with videos?]