College is about more than just getting a job after graduation. College is an opportunity for students to learn about themselves and their place in their family, community, and the world. At the core of being a college-educated individual sits a responsibility to give back to the world in positive ways, equipped with the new knowledge and skills gained in school. For many students, finding meaning, purpose, and ways to give back can be a challenging if not abstract prospect. Therefore, students need to be taught about the opportunities available to them as well as what it means to be civically engaged. Since much of the college experience is focused on getting a job and making money after graduation, it is important to ask students to dig deeper to unearth a sense of meaning and purpose in the work they hope to do after graduation. Thinking about and acting on these ideas begins while they are still in college. The purpose of this unit is to familiarize students with the idea of stewardship, volunteerism, and civic engagement, and to bring their attention to the opportunities for getting involved and giving back to their communities both on and off campus.

After completing this module, you should be able to ...

  1. Define stewardship and civic engagement.
  2. Identify two or more volunteer opportunities within the community, both on and off campus.
  3. Describe two or more ways in which stewardship and civic engagement relate directly to their current major and career paths.

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