How to Install Packages

The following are instructions to install packages from within various ways to interact with R – within RStudio, the R GUI for Windows, or the R GUI for Macintosh OS.

General Packages

More Focused Packages

  • ALKrage-length keys
  • Bioenergetics 4.0a shiny app for bioenergetics modeling
  • Bioenergetics at ISEMPbioenergetics modeling as part of the Integrated Status and Monitoring Program
  • CatDynpopulation parameters from catch dynamics data
  • FSAWsconstruct and validate standard weight (Ws) equations
  • fishModfits models to catch and effort data
  • fishmovepredict fish movement parameters
  • hafroAssmtfisheries stock assessment at Hafro, the Marine Research Institute in Iceland
  • kobemethods for summarising results from stock assessments and Management Strategy Evaluations in the Kobe format
  • mapplotsCreate simple maps; add sub-plots like pie plots to a map or any other plot; format, plot and export gridded data
  • mixdistfit mixture distributions — e.g., possibly separating age-classes from a length frequency
  • mizermultispecies, trait based and community size spectrum ecological models, focussed on the marine environment See Introduction to mizer
  • PBSmappingtwo-dimensional plotting features similar to those commonly available in a Geographic Information System
  • PBSmodellingfacilitates the design, testing, and operation of computer models; focused on tools that make it easy to construct and edit a customized graphical user interface
  • r4ssanalyze and plot the output from Stock Synthesis version 3, a fisheries stock assessment model written in ADMB
  • scapeimport and plot results from statistical catch-at-age models; generally used to connect with ADMB.
  • selecta flexible and user-extendable framework for size-selectivity via the SELECT model
  • shapeRstudy otolith shape variation among fish populations
  • simecolimplementation of dynamic simulation models
  • skewtoolsestimation of growth models parameters using the robust ECME method via heteroscedastic nonlinear regression growth model with scale mixture of skew-normal distributions
  • ss3simframework for fisheries stock assessment simulation testing with Stock Synthesis 3
  • VMSBasevessel monitoring system and logbook data management and analysis
  • X2R with FishGraphimport the structured output from a given numerical model written in a compiled language (e.g., ADMB, fortran) into R for postprocessing (graphing, further analysis)

Packages for Capture-Recapture Analyses

General or Traditional

Spatially Explicit


Packages to Access Online Databases

Packages for Limnological Data

Collections of Code that are Not Yet a Package

Packages Not Actively Maintained