A new minor version (0.8.7) of the FSA (Fisheries Stock Assessment) package was recently released and is now on CRAN. A full description of changes is here. Three major changes are described below.

  • Removed the dynamicPlot=TRUE option from vbStarts() and srStarts(). This functionality has been moved to vbStartsDP() and srStartsDP(), respectively, in the FSAsim package available only on GitHub. This functionality was removed because of the reliance on the relax package and tcltk which was getting difficult (for me) to maintain relative to CRAN.
  • The ageKey() and ageKeyPlot() functions have been permanently removed. These have been deprecated since v0.4.24. Use alkIndivAge() and alkPlot() instead for the same functionality.
  • A new function growthFunShow() is introducted to create plotmath() expressions of common parameterizations of the von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, Richards, and logistic growth functions. The documentation for this function shows how it can be used to place these expressions on plots, including creating a plot that shows several parameterizations. With this, vbModels(), GompertzModels(), RichardsModels(), and LogisticModels were all removed. This change allows for more flexibilty as more parameterizations are added.
  • A new function srFunShow() is introduced that is similar to growthFunShow() but for expressions of stock-recruitment models. With this, srModels() was removed.

Bug reports and feature requests can be filed as an issue on the FSA GitHub page.