It was just brought to my attention that there will be a workshop at the upcoming Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference (Grand Rapids, MI) on the Bioenergetics 4.0 shiny app. The announcement from here (where there is a registration link) is below (I added the links):


  • Dr. David Deslauriers, Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Steven R. Chipps, Unit Leader, USGS South Dakota Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, Department of Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University

Bioenergetics models are widely used as a tool in fisheries management and research. Although Fish Bioenergetics 3.0 (Hanson et al. 1997) remains a popular software package, it is now over 18 years old and is incompatible with many new operating systems. Moreover, since Fish Bioenergetics 3.0 was released, the number of published fish bioenergetics models has increased from 33 to 115 models. This workshop will introduce Fish Bioenergetics 4.0, an R-based platform that consists of a graphical user interface application (Shiny by RStudio). Instructors will provide an overview of bioenergetics concepts and applications, and introduce attendees to the new modeling platform. Example exercises and group projects will be covered to aid in navigating the software and to answer basic and applied questions in fish ecology.