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WiDNR 2016

Materials for "Introduction to R using the FM Database" Workshop at the WiDNR Statewide Meeting, 8-Mar-16

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This half-day workshop will provide an introduction (or reintroduction) to R for fisheries biologists and technicians in the Wisconsin DNR. The first two hours will introduce basic R concepts and methods for size structure analyses with data from the Fisheries Management Database. In the second two hours, participants may choose one of two tracks. The first track will continue with the basic introduction by having participants apply what was learned in the first two hours in a moderated hands-on activity. The second track will provide participants with an introduction to plotting fisheries data with the ggplot2 R package.

Pre-Workshop Preparation

Perform the following tasks before the workshop.

The following two items should be completed before the workshop but please wait until as close to the workshop date as possible in case we make any more changes to these between now and then.

Please contact me with any questions.

Workshop -- Part I

Workshop -- Part II


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