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WiDNR 2015

Materials for "Introduction to R using the FM Database" et al. at the WiDNR Statewide Meeting, March 2015

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This two-day workshop will provide an introduction to R for fisheries biologists and technicians in the Wisconsin DNR. R concepts and methods will be introduced through the use of data from the Fisheries Management Database. The focus of this course, however, will be on developing foundational skills in R that can be transferred to other situations. Participants will test application of their knowledge with hands-on exercises using their own data extracted from the FM Database.

Pre-Course Preparation

Perform the following tasks before the workshop.

Please contact me with any questions. If you wish to install R and RStudio on a personal (non-state) computer, then let me know and I can provide you with directions.

Course Materials — Day 1

Course Materials — Day 2


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