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WiDNR (Age/Growth) 2014

Materials for the WiDNR Age/Growth workshop, Stevens Point, WI, January 2014

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Course Description

The Fish Age Estimation Task Force is offering an age and growth workshop that will focus on the basic analysis of age and growth data as it pertains to fisheries management. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain experience with two software packages (Image Pro and Nikon Elements) available for obtaining and analyzing images of calcified structures. There will also be seminars and group discussions related to methods for evaluation precision of age estimates, effective sampling design, estimating growth and mortality rates, describing recruitment from catch at age data, and statistical tests used to compare metrics derived from age data. Course Flyer.

Course Materials

My portion of this workshop will be “lectures” on the materials below. I will not fully demonstrate the use of R, but R was used in the development of all presentation materials. Presentations are in a PDF file that is best viewed in “full screen mode.”