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Vermont 2014

Materials for the Intro to R Using Fisheries Examples course in Vermont, March 2014.

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Note that some links that are no longer active have been deleted

Course Preparation

This three-day workshop will provide an introduction to R for fisheries scientists. R concepts and methods will be introduced through the use of a variety of fisheries examples. The focus of this course, however, will be on developing foundational skills in R that can be transferred to other situations, rather than teaching specific fisheries methods. Participants will test application of their knowledge with hands-on exercises using real fisheries data.

Pre-Course Preparation

The first link below describes steps for installing R and RStudio on your laptop, which will be required to perform the course assignments. The second link briefly describes how to use RStudio. Please contact me with any questions.

Course Materials

The following materials will be used during the course.


Please complete this survey regarding this workshop. Following the course, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.