Every year the Wisconsin Conservation Congress holds Spring Hearings where the public will vote on proposed fisheries and wildlife rule changes and advisory questions. Some of the rule changes are proposed by DNR personnel. For fisheries questions, a fisheries manager will prepare a document that provides background, including an evaluation of the current resource and rationale for a proposed rule change prior to the Spring Hearings.

In 2014, a rule change was proposed for bass populations in Keyes Lake in Florence County. You should read the fishing regulations proposal form (focus on the Keyes Lake portions) and most recent comprehensive survey prepared by the area fish manager for this proposal. In class, you will work with other students to present this case to the entire class. In particular your group should:

  1. Clearly articulate the proposed rule change.
  2. Summarize the current state of what is known about the fish populations for which the rule change pertains.
  3. Articulate why the proposed rule change is being made (among other things, you should clearly list the goals).
  4. What other information do you wish was available to you relative to this proposed rule change?
  5. Offer your expert opinion about whether you think the proposed rule change will be effective in meeting the stated management goal(s). Defend your opinion.
  6. Comment on how clearly the biologist made his or her thesis in this proposal.