Find an example of each regulation type below in the Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing or Trout Fishing regulations. Specifically document each of your examples with a screen capture image.

  1. Daily bag/creel limit (general).
  2. Daily bag/creel limit (as a special regulation).
  3. Seasonal/annual bag limit.
  4. Minimum length (general).
  5. Minimum length (as a special regulation).
  6. Maximum length.
  7. Protected slot length.
  8. Harvest slot length.
  9. Combination length and bag limit (e.g., “1 over” regulation).
  10. Seasonal closure (general).
  11. Seasonal closure (as a special regulation).
  12. Areal closure.
  13. Fishery closure.
  14. Gear restriction (recreational).
  15. Gear restriction (commercial).

In addition, comment on other regulations that appeared to be different than what we discussed in class.