1. Read Evaluation of an 11-In Maximum Length Limit for Smallmouth Bass Populations in Northeastern Minnesota (Isermann et al., 2009) and be prepared to discuss the following items in class.
    • Why are reference lakes and long evaluation periods needed to address the effects of regulation changes?
    • What management “tool” was used in this evaluation? What is/are the response variable(s)?
    • Describe the statistical model used in this evaluation? Explain why the authors chose the effect of interest to identify that the regulation had an impact.
    • Be prepared to discuss Figures 2-5 and Table 1 and the results that the authors deduced from these.
    • What were three problems with this study as noted by the authors.
    • How do you think anglers “felt” about this regulation? What evidence do you have to support your contention?
    • What conclusions do you make from this study?