Krueger and Decker (2010) outlined the fisheries management process. You will be assigned (here are the assignments) to read one (or part of one) of the following recent fisheries management plans.

These plans may use slightly different terminology than what was introduced by Krueger and Decker (2010). Thus, you should, in two pages or less, …

  1. Show how the terminology used in your management plan is related to that used by Krueger and Decker (2010). [In other words, specifically show how the words in the management plan equate to the words used by Krueger and Decker (2010).]
  2. Demonstrate the goals, objectives, problem identification, actions, evaluation, and information base of Krueger and Decker (2010) with one full example from your management plan. [In other words, think about what you could extract from your management plan that demonstrates the concepts of Krueger and Decker (2010).]
  3. Provide a critique of your management plan in terms of what Krueger and Decker (2010) suggest for how goals, objectives, problems, actions, and evaluations should be defined. [In other words, do you think the management plan adequately follows the concepts laid out by Krueger and Decker (2010)?] Defend your critique.