1. Read these notes and Sections 12.1-12.3 in Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R and consider the items below.
    • Define L, K, t0, L0, ω, L1, L2, and L3 (be very specific with these definitions, possibly including what these items are NOT.)
    • What data is required to fit a VBGF?
    • Write the equations for the typical, original, Schnute, Gallucci and Quinn, and Francis parametrizations of the von Bertlanffy Growth Function (VBGF).
    • How do the fits of the various VBGF paramegerizatons differ?
    • What are the assumptions required to fit a VBGF with nonlinear regression?
    • What R function is used to find starting values for fitting a VBGF? What arguments does it need?
    • What R function is used for fitting a nonlinear regression? What arguments does it need for fitting a growth model?
    • What function extracts the parameters estimates from the results above?
    • What function extracts confidence intervals for the parameters from the results above?