Note Your answers to the questions below should follow the expectations for homework found here. Due at the beginning of the first day of class.

Concepts from Class Pre-Requisites

This course has three pre-requisities – Ecology, Ichthyology, and Statistics. The items below are key concepts from these courses. Please provide complete answers to each of items.

  1. Write the equation of a line and fully interpret the meanings of the slope and intercept.
  2. Sketch exponential and logistic population growth over time (suppose that the population starts at very low numbers in year 1 and there is a positive growth rate).
  3. Define density-dependent and density-independent? Describe at least two important density-dependent responses that are typical for a population of fish.
  4. Define intra-specific and inter-specific competition.
  5. Give substantive examples of three abiotic and three biotic factors that may impact fish or fish populations.
  6. Briefly describe (not just list) the three subfamilies of Salmonidae. Additionally, explain differences between the Oncorhynchus, Salmo and Salvelinus genera. From this you should be able to explain how the following fishes differ and are related (behaviorally, ecologically, systematically): Chinook Salmon, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Dog Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Red Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Splake, Arctic Char, Lake Whitefish, Cisco, Lake Herring, Bloater, and Kiyi.


Please answer the two questions below with thoughtful paragraphs.

  1. What are your career goals and how does this class fit into them?
  2. What are your goals for this course and how do you plan (specifically) to achieve those?

Setting the Stage

Please answer the two questions below with well-written paragraphs.

  1. Briefly describe the “Four Fs of Fish” according to Lynch and Taylor (2013). [The password is “FSM”, without the quotes.]


Please read the syllabus and answer the following questions.

  1. How many exams will there be this semester?
  2. Describe how your homework assignments will be graded.
  3. Describe three KEY considerations for formatting your homework.