The sixth quiz (see dates page) will cover the following material:

  1. Interpret the R results of a logistic regression including interpreting the slope and back-transformed slope, and using the slope and intercept to predict log odds, odds, probability, and x for a certain probability. You should be able to do all of the calculations by hand (i.e., not with R, but with a calculator using the slope and intercept computed with R) [you will not need to be concerned with the boot-strapping methods for the exam]. This will be very much like Logistic Regression Homework #1 and Logistic Regression Homework #2. Here is an example from a previous year’s exam. Note that this is an example only; the actual question will be different than this one.
  2. Answer two of three essay/short answer questions … one is a very big topic from the entire semester, one is a very big topic related to IVR, and one contains algebra and is related to SLR.

The quiz is closed book and closed notes, you will not need to use R (but will need to be able to interpret results provided from R), you should bring a calculator and a pencil (exams written in pen will not be accepted), and be prepared to write neatly.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.