The fourth quiz (see dates page) will cover the following material:

  1. Show how to linearize an exponential or power-law model and then how the original parameters of these models relate to the intercept and slope on the transformed scale. This was discussed in class and is in Section 4.4 of the book.
  2. Explain how the explanatory variable can be modified to make the y-intercept more consistently interpretable. See Section 4.2.2 in the reading.
  3. Answer questions from R for an analysis of a simple linear regression. This will be most like SLR Homework #5, though SLR Homework #4 will also be useful. However, four analyses will be provided that are all combinations of untransformed and transformed data and the response and explanatory variables reversed. Thus, you will need to determine what the correct response variable is (this will eliminate two of the analyses) and then whether the data should have been transformed or not (this will eliminate a third analysis). Here is an example from a previous year’s exam. Note that this is an example only; the actual question will be different than this one.

The quiz is closed book and closed notes, you will not need to use R (but will need to be able to interpret results provided from R), you should bring a calculator and a pencil (exams written in pen will not be accepted), and be prepared to write neatly.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.