• MSTotal is not usually shown in an ANOVA table). I put it in the table here because that is one of the given values (see the notes below) and it makes it easier to see how the rest of the table is completed.

ANOVA Table 2

Source df SS MS F p-value
Among 5 887.05 177.41 5.25 0.001
Within 48 1621.44 33.78 - -
Total 53 2508.49 47.33 - -
  1. See completed table above. Note the following
    • MStotal and MSwithin are given by definition (the variance of individuals ignoring groups is MStotal whereas the pooled (or combined) variance of individuals considering groups is MSwithin).
    • The df are found by knowing the number of groups (I=6) and total number of individuals (n=54).
    • SSwithin and SStotal are obtained with MS*df.
    • SSamong is from SStotal}-SSwithin.
    • MSamong is from SSamong divided by dfamong.
    • F is from MSamong divided by dfamong.
    • The p-value is computed with distrib(5.25,distrib="f",df1=5,df2=48,lower.tail=FALSE).
  2. Yes, there is a difference among the group means because the p-value is less than 0.05.