Note Your answers to the questions below should follow the expectations for homework found here. Due date is on the Dates page.

Temperature and Turtle Hatchings II

Sea Turtles

Continue with the turtle hatchlings data from the previous exercise. You do not need to check the assumptions again and please do not attempt a transformation with these data. Just analyze the raw data and answer the questions below. I suggest that you just continue with the script you used for the previous exercise.

  1. Test, at the 5% level, if the mean time to hatching differed among the four temperatures.
  2. If a difference in means was identified, then (using an appropriate method) determine which group means differed significantly from each other. [Note: Provide complete tabular AND graphical support for your answer. Your graph should clearly articulate which groups differ and which do not.]
  3. For all differences in means identified above, provide an appropriate statement that describes the amount of difference (use CIs) between the group means. [Note: Refer to appropriate tabular results. Clearly identify which group had a larger mean.]
  4. Write an overall conclusion about the effect of temperature on the days needed to hatch by these sea turtles.