The fourth quiz (see dates page) will cover material from Module 18 (1-Sample t-Test), Module 19 (2-Sample t-Test), and Module 20 (Chi-Square Test). The quiz consists of three 11-Step hypothesis tests that will require no R work, with the exception of using distrib() to calculate p-values and critical values for confidence regions. The Hypothesis Testing Guide will be provided for you to use on the quiz. The following are links to examples for each of the questions.

The quiz is closed book, closed notes, etc. You WILL need a calculator (you may NOT use the calculator on your phone or the computer) and you MUST use a pencil (quizzes written in red ink will not be accepted and will earn a zero). The quiz will begin promptly at 0800 for the first section and 1000 for the second section and must be completed within 1 hour and 50 minutes. Please take care of your personal needs before the quiz so that you do not need to leave the classroom during the quiz (if, for some reason, you do need to leave the classroom, make sure to leave your phone and other devices in the room and let me know that you are leaving the room; failing to do so will earn a zero).

Please let me know if you have any questions about this quiz.