The second Quiz (see dates page) will cover material from Module 8 (Normal Distributions), Module 9 (Bivariate EDA – Categorical), Module 10 (Bivariate EDA – Quantitative), and Module 11 (Linear Regression). The only R work that you will do is related to using distrib() for normal distribution calculations. The portion of the R Guide related to distrib() will be provided on the quiz. Any material in the module readings and videos (specifically questions on the preparation guides), exercises (most completed in class), or review exercises may be on the quiz.

  • [5%] Five multiple choice questions. These are primarily definitions or symbols.
  • [8%] Two short answer essay (2-4 sentences) questions all from the Module 11 (Linear Regression) preparation guide.
  • [22%] Normal distribution calculation questions (that will use distrib()) … like this (among many others) in Module 8 (Normal Distributions).
  • [16%] Calculations from a two-way frequency table (row-, column-, and table-percentages as necessary) … like this (and others, but you won’t have to do the R work) in Module 9 (Bivariate EDA – Categorical).
  • [20%] Perform a bivariate EDA for quantitative data … like this (and others, but you won’t have to do the R work) in Module 10 (Bivariate EDA – Quantitative).
  • [30%] Answer the twelve usual questions for linear regression … like this (among others) in Module 11 (Linear Regression). Note that one thing different about this quiz question is that I will provide two scatterplots with best fit lines and equations. The two plots will have the variables reversed on the axes such that you will have to choose the proper plot to use based on determining the response and explanatory variables in the question.

The quiz is closed book, closed notes, etc. You WILL need a calculator (you may NOT use the calculator on your phone or the computer) and you MUST use a pencil (quizzes written in red ink will not be accepted and will earn a zero). The quiz will begin promptly at 0800 for the first section and 1000 for the second section and must be completed within 1 hour and 50 minutes. Please take care of your personal needs before the quiz so that you do not need to leave the classroom during the quiz (if, for some reason, you do need to leave the classroom, make sure to leave your phone and other devices in the room and let me know that you are leaving the room; failing to do so will earn a zero).

The best way to prepare for this quiz is by …

  1. Reviewing your work on the module exercises. Carefully compare your answers to the answer keys available on each module page, paying close attention to the “notes” in yellow boxes.
  2. Practice more exercises, either in the “more as time permits” links or in the review exercises (many of these are old test questions) for all modules. Focus on questions that are similar to those linked to above.
  3. Study your module preparation guide notes carefully. Augment them by rereading portions of the reading where your notes are poor.
  4. Start practicing early so that if you have questions you can get help from me or from the tutors.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this quiz.