Below are answers to nearly all class exercises. These are provided as a convenience so that you can check your work to identify if you have questions. Please DO NOT look at these answers before attempting the exercises. The exercises have no point values and are used only for practice and learning. There is no advantage to "peeking here" first.
  1. Why Statistics is Important
  2. Foundational Definitions
  3. Data Production
  4. Getting Data into RStudio
  5. Univariate EDA - Categorical
  6. Univariate EDA - Quantitative I (Methods)
  7. Univariate EDA - Quantitative II (Intepretation)
  8. Normal Distributions
  9. Bivariate EDA - Categorical
  10. Bivariate EDA - Quantitative
  11. Linear Regression
  12. Probability Introduction
  13. Sampling Distributions
  14. Hypothesis Testing
  15. Confidence Regions
  16. 1-Sample Z-Test
  17. 1-Sample t-Test
  18. 2-Sample t-Test
  19. Chi-Square Test
  20. Goodness-of-Fit Test