Loading Data from Webpage II

Download each data file below from the class webpage into your “R Directory”, load the data into a data.frame in R, and identify (i) how many variables, (ii) the names of the variables, and (iii) how many individuals are in the data.frame.

  1. PopularKids.csv
  2. Yahara.csv

Loading Your Own Data II

Goto the Global Energy Statistical Yearbook and record (for the most recent year reported) the production of crude oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, and renewables for the United States, Canada, Russia, and China. [Note: Pick the product on the left-side until its window opens up, select “production” (make sure to do this), and then hover over the country to see the data.] Enter these data into a CSV file, load the data into a data.frame in R, and make sure that there are as many variables and individuals as you expect and that the variables are named as you expect.