To prepare for this module, please answer the following questions from the preparation readings and videos. Please contact the professor if you have questions.
  1. Define statistical inference.
  2. What are (i.e., list) the 11 steps of any hypothesis test?
  3. What is the null hypothesis in a 1-Sample Z-Test? [Write your answer using statistical symbols and as a sentence.]
  4. What is the statistic in a 1-Sample Z-Test?
  5. What is the test statistic in a 1-Sample Z-Test? [What is the symbol and the equation for this test statistic?]
  6. What is the formula to compute a confidence region in a 1-Sample Z-Test?
  7. What are the assumptions of a 1-Sample Z-Test?
  8. What characteristics define when a 1-Sample Z-Test will be used?
  9. What R function is used to perform a 1-Sample Z-Test with raw data?