“Sustainability” is a popular buzzword that shows up a lot on college campuses. In fact, you have probably noticed that sustainability is a particularly hot topic on the NC campus. Northland students major in Sustainable Community Development and Sustainable Entrepreneurship; and we offer courses in different areas including Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainable Food Production and more. Our website also highlights our efforts towards Full Spectrum Sustainability. While sustainability is a theme that runs throughout our work and life on campus, its definition and practice may differ, depending on the context. Likewise, new college students often have very little understanding of the what/how/why of sustainability. And since sustainability is a core piece of our mission and identity at NC, it is important to illuminate its meaning and context for students. The purpose of Unit 12 is to bring together experts from different disciplines to explore the different facets of sustainability and to find common threads that tie together the broader vision of sustainability at NC.

After completing this module, you should be able to ...

  1. Define sustainability in a broad context.
  2. Discuss sustainability as it pertains to different disciplines.
  3. Describe the how sustainability is practiced at Northland.

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