Becoming a college student is a profound accomplishment. It required hard work, dedication, and your commitment to finish high school, select a college, apply, enroll, and show up on day one. You should be very proud of getting this far! However, you also need to understand the many ways in which a college education differs from high school. College demands a higher level of independence, discipline, organization, cognition, and application of learning. In particular, a liberal arts education will require you to think critically and develop an interdisciplinary approach that integrates information from a variety of subject areas into a more comprehensive way of understanding the world. The purpose of this unit is to lay the groundwork for college-level academic expectations to help you acclimate to the experience of higher education and to be successful in your academic endeavors.

After completing this module, you should be able to ...

  1. Describe some differences between high school and college academic work.
  2. Define college-level academic expectations.
  3. Define academic integrity, both in practice and as outlined in the student code of conduct.
  4. Describe what it means to be an active and engaged learner.

Preparation for Class

Please prepare for class by doing the following PRIOR to class.

  • Read Chapter 1 in College Rules (pwd is “Highways”).
  • Read Chapter 14 in College Rules (pwd is “Highways”).
  • Read the course syllabus.

Class Work

We will do the following during class.

  • Activities to get to know each other.
  • Discuss syllabus and class expectations.
  • Complete the “How College Is Different” activity (handout).
  • Complete the “Goals and Expectations” worksheet. Due this class period.
  • Perform “Concerns in A Hat” activity.

After Class Assignment

You should complete the following to hand in at the beginning of the next class period.

  • Attend the “Clubs and Organizations Fair” at the “Everybody Party” (details here). Identify two clubs or organizations that you might be interested in and briefly describe how you could get involved with those groups.
  • Do class preparation for next module.