Academic success should be the central focus of a student’s college experience. Academics are the reason students attend college and their performance in this arena can set them up for long-term success in their lives and careers. But as any college student can attest, doing college work takes a lot more, and a different type of effort than high school. The timing is flipped, to where students spend much less time IN class and are expected to do much more work OUT of class. On average, they should expect to spend 2-3 hours of time working on their own for every 1 hour spent in class, which is much different than what most students experience in high school. Too often, college faculty expect students to just know how to study or to figure it out on their own. In reality, it is critical that students be introduced to the tools to be successful in their academic endeavors. The purpose of this unit is to help students understand their existing study habits, as well as developing new skills that are perhaps more applicable to college-level academic work. Students will have the opportunity to practice reading, taking notes, asking questions in order to ensure long-term success in college.

After completing this module, you should be able to ...

  1. Describe three ways in which the demands of college level academics differ from high school academics.
  2. Record notes on lectures, discussions, and readings for later review.
  3. Describe strengths and weaknesses in their own learning styles.
  4. Identify three strategies for improving their study skills.

Preparation for Class

Please prepare for class by doing the following PRIOR to class.

  • Read Chapter 7 in College Rules.
  • Read Chapter 8 OR 10 (or both) in College Rules.
  • Read 21 Way to Get the Most Out of Now
  • Continue to reflect on your time management, allocation, and useage.

Class Work

We will do the following during class.

  • Meet with Derek (at the times below) in his office for a quick “check-in”.
    • 1:58 - Wynn
    • 2:05 - Windham
    • 2:12 - Tinkle
    • 2:19 - Shipley-Mellon
    • 2:26 - Rich
    • 2:32 - McLaughlin
    • 2:39 - Mardak-Kennebeck
    • 2:46 - Korpela
    • 2:53 - Johnson
    • 3:00 - Hewitt
    • 3:07 - Mustache
    • 3:14 - Griffith
    • 3:21 - O’Connor
    • 3:29 - Flint
    • 3:36 - Dostaler
    • 3:43 - Cole
    • 3:50 - Boose
    • 3:57 - Anderson

After Class Assignment

You should complete the following to hand in at the beginning of the next class period.

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