1. Page 86, Footnote 7 – “Ager C” should be “Ager B”.
  2. Page 207, Equation for \(\hat{Z}\)\(N\) should be \(n\) in the denominator. Thus, the new equation should be …

    \[ \widehat{Z} = -log(\widehat{S}) - \frac{(n-1)(n-2)}{n(T+1)(n+T-1)} \]

Post-Production Changes

  • Section 4.2 – I have dramatically changed the age-bias plot that is produced by supplying plot() with an object saved from ageBias(). This change is documented in this blog post and in the documentation and examples for ageBias(). The plots shown in the book can largely still be produced with plotAB() (see its documentation here).
  • Section 4.4 – I have changed the information that is returned from agePrecision(). All of the information shown in the book is still provided; however, other information (e.g., average standard deviation and mean absolute deviation) are now also returned. The output is document in the documentation for agePrecision().
  • Sections 12.3.1 and 13.1 – The dynamic plots described for finding starting values for a von Bertalanffy growth function and the stock-recruitment functions (i.e., nonlinear regressions) have been removed from vbStarts() and srStarts(), because of the difficulty of maintaining a package that requires the tcltk package. These functionalities are now in the FSAsims package, but it can also largely be replicated with the fixed= arguments to vbStarts() and srStarts(). Use of fixed= in srStarts() is demonstrated in this blog post.